SAMTRAC offers you a free e-book - An Introduction to the Moral, Legal and Economic Reasons for Promoting Good Standards of Health, Safety and Environment within an Organisation:  A guide for non-HSE personnel

Health, safety and environment (HSE) management is the duty of every employer, and it is essential to entrench a culture of HSE awareness within all organisations.

This free SAMTRAC e-book will introduce non-HSE personnel to the importance of HSE standards within their organisation.

The e-book includes a study unit from the first module of the SAMTRAC textbook (2nd ed), Foundations of HSE. This unit highlights the necessity for understanding the moral, legal and economic reasons for promoting good HSE standards within an organisation, using statistics and case studies as support.

This e-book will give non-HSE personnel in your organisation

  • an overall understanding of the benefits of HSE standards
  • case studies demonstrating the moral, legal and economic importance of HSE
  • a diagram illustrating the hidden costs of an incident